"This summer is the five year anniversary of Ocean Eyes and I can’t believe how fast time flies. Back home I sometimes drive past the UPS place, the Coke warehouse or the old construction sites I worked at prior to OC and I’m reminded how good I’ve got it. Six years ago I was bored and uninspired and now every time I drive by the old prisons I never thought I’d escape from, I feel that much more fortunate to get to do what I love. For that, I thank you for your support, and more than anything, I praise God with all I have." — Adam Young

Audio CD: Ocean Eyes (Owl City) Release Date: July 28, 2009HAPPY 5TH ANNIVERSARY!
Anonymous asked:
You better post all the worlds tracks to tumblr the day it comes out!!

I WILL ‘cause it’ll be the best album ever

Anonymous asked:
In what country does worlds come out the earliest and what date? Isn't it for you like August 8?

Yeah it’s August 8 for me and I think that’s the earliest date (AWE YEAH)

Anonymous asked:
I think worlds will leak by August 5 since I've never seen an album by a major release not get leaked

I really hope so haha, you’re right about the major label

Anonymous asked:
Leaked as in when someone in Japan/Asia that end of the timezone will buy it and put it up for us to hear so maybe Sunday/Monday???

Yeah Monday would be possible, or maybe a blog premiers it a day before the release, that happened with Sad Machine too.

Anonymous asked:
I remember you said your biggest influence is owl city but your music sounds nothing like him?

haha you probably just don’t hear it, a lot of things I know about making music and producing I’ve learnt through listening and analyzing Adam’s songs for years, so he has definitely influenced my music

Anonymous asked:
Also top 5 favorite port blue/sky sailing! (if you listen to them)

Hell yeah I listen to them, sometimes I like Port Blue even better than Owl City

1. Port Blue - Sunset Cruiser
2. Port Blue - Over Atlantic City
3. Port Blue - Base Jumping
4. Port Blue - Into The Sea
5. Port Blue - Silver Blueberry

asfjhlkgkgd I love Port Blue

1. Sky Sailing - Tennis Elbow
2. Sky Sailing - A Little Opera Goes A Long Way
3. Sky Sailing - I Live Alone
4. Sky Sailing - Flowers Of The Field
5. Sky Sailing - Captains Of The Sky

Thanks for asking!

Anonymous asked:
Oh someone else asked a top 5 favorite owl city ask lol, can you explain why for each one?

Nope haha it’d be too hard to explain, a lot of what I think about the songs are from a producer point of view

Anonymous asked:
When do you think Flicker will leakkkkkkkkk

Neverrrr I don’t think any of the singles leaked, I reaaaally hope Worlds will leak soon though, I can’t take it any longer askjgdkladgh